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River of Dreams - Album Cover

Hai, It's Ciara. For the past couple of weeks, we were tasked with creating either a movie poster or an album cover of ourselves. So, I decided to make an album cover. With my cover, I went with a double exposure look and I darken the whole image so I can still see the whole background, but still see my face. Then I add the dream catcher thats on my head and I add the lighten filter to it and I smoothed the feathers out on the dream catcher and blended them in more to my hair. I then added the light blue feathers with a low opacity on the paint and I used different sizes and angles to make then seem that they are blowing away, falling in different patterns and going farther into the background. Finally, I add the text which was "River of Dreams" and I went with a little bit of a darker blue to the feathers. 

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Hai, it's Ciara. So, we were preparing for the ATPI Fall Photo Contest and these photos are what I entered. I have learn that I am a simple and chill photographer, I do simple/basic edits that I believe turn out amazing. I love every photo I entered. These are only eight of the 16 photos that I have entered

BEST Photos

Hai, it's Ciara. We when on a field trip for Architecture about a month ago. These are my 5 best photos from the trip. 4 of them are artistic edits and only 1 has just a basis edit to it. I learned that you have to have different angles to take good architecture photos.


So, it is finally the end of the year and my last year of photography. I have learned a lot from photography, like how to use photoshop, lightroom and how to time manage things. Since my first photo that I have taken to my last photo I have diffidently have shown growth because at first I didn't know how to do anything and was scared to do anything, but now I am willing to do anything to make my photos look amazing. If I have any advice for next year's photographers would be to take any chance you get to make your photos look different and amazing and Don't be scared to ask questions. 

AP Concentration - Four Images

Hai, It's Ciara. For the rest of the year we are going to be working on our AP concentrations. My central idea for my concentration is patterns and designs. My work here shows the all to patterns, shapes and designs that I'm using in my photos.

3 Image Project

Hai, it's Ciara. So, for the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on Contrast, Dichotomy and Negative photos. Dichotomy is when something that belongs together, but not really. Contrast in the difference between two things. and Negative, as I did it was negative space in the photo. 

Breadth Portfolio

Hai, It's Ciara. So, this is my breadth portfolio with my 12 best images. I chose these each of this photos the are all the amazing work I've done in the past 2 years. One of them, I got an honorable mention for in the ATPI Fall Contest.