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10 Best Senior Photoshoot

Hai, It's Ciara. These past couple of weeks we have been working on Senior Photos from our Photo Session that we had. I had a lot of images to go through and had a total of 60 photos. These 10 here are my best of the best.

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Hai, it's Ciara. So, we took a field trip to some of the local parks for a nature photoshoot. There was a lot of the photo that I had to go through and these 10 photos are my best. 

Into The Eye of The Artist - Quintessence Photo

Hai, It's Ciara. So, in class we were tasked with take a quintessence photo. I took a photo of my brother who was working on his artwork. I took this photo because art is what my brother loves to do and I thought it was fitting for him. 
My light was not very good, I had to use my kitchen lighting, but I made up for it in Lightroom. I didn't really plan this photo he was already working on his mask at the time.  

River of Dreams - Album Cover

Hai, It's Ciara. For the past couple of weeks, we were tasked with creating either a movie poster or an album cover of ourselves. So, I decided to make an album cover. With my cover, I went with a double exposure look and I darken the whole image so I can still see the whole background, but still see my face. Then I add the dream catcher thats on my head and I add the lighten filter to it and I smoothed the feathers out on the dream catcher and blended them in more to my hair. I then added the light blue feathers with a low opacity on the paint and I used different sizes and angles to make then seem that they are blowing away, falling in different patterns and going farther into the background. Finally, I add the text which was "River of Dreams" and I went with a little bit of a darker blue to the feathers. 


Hai, it's Ciara. So, we were preparing for the ATPI Fall Photo Contest and these photos are what I entered. I have learn that I am a simple and chill photographer, I do simple/basic edits that I believe turn out amazing. I love every photo I entered. These are only eight of the 16 photos that I have entered

BEST Photos

Hai, it's Ciara. We when on a field trip for Architecture about a month ago. These are my 5 best photos from the trip. 4 of them are artistic edits and only 1 has just a basis edit to it. I learned that you have to have different angles to take good architecture photos.


So, it is finally the end of the year and my last year of photography. I have learned a lot from photography, like how to use photoshop, lightroom and how to time manage things. Since my first photo that I have taken to my last photo I have diffidently have shown growth because at first I didn't know how to do anything and was scared to do anything, but now I am willing to do anything to make my photos look amazing. If I have any advice for next year's photographers would be to take any chance you get to make your photos look different and amazing and Don't be scared to ask questions.